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Cool Bould Bears by Lawless, Kate E . – YouTube

Connemara’s Kate Lawless has released a new music video for her new single ‘Cool Bears’. Video by Kamil Krolak


“Cool Bears” features some very bould teddy bears including the kidnapped Charlesville, Cork GAA mascot and a Barry’s tea addict called “Little Teapac”. For a few years now, Lawless, Kate E. has had a very naughty teddy bear named Teapac, who was named after a combination of his love of the late rapper Tupac Shakur and his obsession with drinking Barry’s Tea!

via IMRO » “Cool Bears” | The New Single From Lawless, Kate E..

Kate Emily Lawless (Lawless, Kate E.) lives in Connemara, not far from where she grew up in Galway, Ireland. She is a songwriter, a poet, a singer

Source: Lawless, Kate E. & Cool Bears | kate-lawless

via Cool Bears Official Music Video – Lawless, Kate E . – YouTube.



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